Rivera: Another Blast From The Past, St. Estephe

pork ravioli


Chef John Sedlar’s St. Estephe menu ended in September at Rivera but then dineLA came around early October and elements from that menu were offered for both lunch and dinner at Rivera. I dropped in for lunch and though I really enjoyed the eggs (huevos rancheros), I decided to open with relleno which had been stuffed with a mushroom duxelles.

mushroom duxelles relleno

interior of the relleno

The mild pepper played well with the rich mushroom duxelles. I was sad when I finished the pepper.


roast chicken


I was originally going to get the stuffed pork adobada ravioli (pictured above) but my friend went for it and our server said it wasn’t very filling. The other option was the salmon mousse. I was surprised to see the salmon mousse make an appearance under the entrees since I know it was an appetizer. When I asked if it was a bigger portion, our server it was still the same appetizer portion. I ended up ordering the roast chicken which came with delicious veggies.


chicken enchilada


Another friend had the chicken enchilada and didn’t partake in the dineLA menu. He said he enjoyed it.

blue corn crepes

cactus fruit sorbet

For dessert, we shared the blue corn crepes, cactus fruit sorbet and my favorite chocolate cake (not shown).

It’ll be interesting to see what Rivera comes up with next dineLA. I have often lamented that restaurants take the easy way out by featuring a fairly staid menu (most often with items not normally found on their menu- jidori chicken, short ribs, salmon). I was happy to see Rivera take a risk and offer their St. Estephe menu.


Rivera Restaurant

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