2011 Los Angeles Luxury Chocolate Salon Recap

Chocolates from Bootleg Chocolates


I was asked to help judge this year’s Luxury Chocolate Salon a few weeks back. After judging cupcakes and cocktails, I had decided I rather judge cocktails— believing I’m just too darn sweet anyway (ha, bad joke, okay…). As it turns out, I do actually really love chocolate and was pleased to step up to the challenge of considering the merits of the chocolates I tasted. My favorites were from Choclatique, Bootleg Chocolates and Marti Chocolates. There were also some stand outs like Pacari Ecuadorian Organic Chocolates, Ciel Chocolatier, Mignon and Nicole Lee Fine Chocolates. I particularly loved the basil from Nicole Lee. I was pleased to also see toffee at this event and my fave was from the Toffee Box.

Amano Chocolate


Ciel Chocolatier

L'Amourette Chocolate Bar

At the L’Amourette booth, we were told they’re better known for their chocolate bars so I had a sample of their pistachio bar.

Pacari Ecuadorian Organic Chocolate

Chocoveda- pear chocolates

Chocoveda brought vegan chocolates to the tasting. I tried the pear from the selection of three; chai, rose and pear.


new cocktails inspired truffles from Choclatique

Of course these cocktails imprinted truffles from Choclatique were adorable. Squee!

Tea Room Chocolate Company

Coco Tutti

Truffles from Mignon

chocolate from Kallari

It was interesting to see not one but two vendors from Ecuador; Pacari and Kallari respectively.

Marti Chocolates

Toffee from Toffee Box


Other Chocolates I tasted:

Amano Chocolate

L’Amourette Chocolate


wine tasting at the Chocolate Salon

The Chocolate Salon also featured wine tasting, after all wine and chocolate go hand in hand.

List of Winners

Check out more of my pictures from this year’s Chocolate Salon here.

Luxury Chocolate Salon

Presented by Taste TV at the Pasadena Center