DTLA: WP24 Dim Sum Sunday Dinners

The view from WP24

WP24 started Dim Sum Sundays a few weekends ago. The four-course family-style dinner features small bites and WP24 favorites such as Singapore style chili prawns and Peking duck.

dan dan dumplings


scallop siu mai

inside of the scallops dumplings

Starting with a round of dim sum, WP24 Chef de Cuisine, Sara Johannes described how she recently came back from Shanghai and was jazzed to present us with these dumplings that are new to WP24’s menu.

Honey-drizzled BBQ Pork Buns

Everyone thought the BBQ Pork Buns were so cute. They were on the dainty side, perfect with the provided marinated cucumber and peanuts on the table. I really love dim sum and sharing small bites.

here duckie, duckie, duckie!

One of my favorite things is Peking Duck. I’ve been looking forward to this dish since WP24 first opened. Chef Sara mentioned if the ducks never flew, you would never be able to get their skin crispy.

Peking duck

Peking Duck bun

WP24 generously sliced the meat so that each bite of the bun featured plenty of meat as well as the prized crispy skin.

Singapore style chili prawn


Next we had plump Singapore style chili prawns, a favorite from the time I previously went to WP24 and hung out with the man himself, Chef Wolfgang Puck.

fried rice

jidori chicken chow fun

We also had fried rice and jidori chicken chow fun to round out our meal.

Pastry Chef Cassie Ballard

New Pastry Chef Cassie Ballard presented us so many desserts, it was hard to pick a favorite.

many delectable desserts

Trying to stick to my 1-2 bites rules for dessert, I most enjoyed the little cake with the carmelized banana on top.

private dining room

I loved sitting in the private dining room with the expansive views of Downtown Los Angeles.

The four-course family style dinner is priced at $55 per person (excluding beverages, tax and gratuity). Additional courses range from $10-$20 per person. Also, enjoy $8 wine and cocktail specials on Sunday evenings.

WP24 at the Ritz-Carlton

900 West Olympic Blvd. 24th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90015-1328 (213) 743-8824