SGV: Young-Dong Tofu Restaurant

banchan spread


After my quickie trip to San Francisco/ Napa, I wanted something hearty and although my brother initially suggested Thai food, I was glad he decided he wanted Korean instead. I remembered seeing a plethora of tofu houses sprouting up in the SGV and off we went to Young-Dong Tofu Restaurant (a funny, unfortunate? name). I wanted to get my soon dobu (tofu soup) on.

pancake, dipping sauce not shown

As soon as we were seated, we were hit with a variety of banchan. My favorites were the seaweed and pancake. Though I ate two servings of the cucumber and all of the kimchi. I’m just a Korean food nut.



Although I have to say the kimchi was fairly watery and the cucumber slices were too thick. No matter, I ate them along with my tofu soup anyway.

spicy pork

My brother got the dumpling tofu soup with the spicy pork combo. I ordered the beef and seafood tofu soup. We shared the spicy pork and it was so much food left over.

stone bowl for the rice

Ah, I forgot to take a picture of the bubbling soon dobu! Ah well, here’s one of the stone bowl my rice came in. You can see how I like to spoon the soup in there. I have yet to actually figure out how others eat their soup as I’m usually too involved in my own meal.

I’d like to try the other tofu houses in the San Gabriel Valley before declaring a favorite. Pricing here is a bit higher (a better deal is during the week and prices are slashed) than most Korea Town places but that’s understandable as there’s not much competition…yet.


Young-Dong Tofu Restaurant

1311 S Baldwin Ave., Ste B, Arcadia, CA 91066 – (626) 445-0078