Seattle: Palace Kitchen



Of all the times I’ve been to Seattle, I’ve never been to a Tom Douglas restaurant. After doing a survey among friends, it was decided I should check out Palace Kitchen. We were a bit early and so we got a drink at the bar. I tried the Tippecanoe (Bulliet whiskey, Amaro Nonino, orange bitters, agave). I thought about ordering a Vesper which is made with local Sound Spirits’ Ebb & Flow vodka and gin but went with my usual whiskey. Though I’d like have know if it was bourbon or rye– it did not say on the menu. My cocktail was all right. I didn’t get enough of the nutty Nonino though it was very sweet. The cocktail list is what I call “trying to be craft.” It had drinks with good ingredients but a list is nothing without trained bartenders with a deft touch.

turnip soup


It was Restaurant Week so I opted to go with the $28 3-course meal. $28 seemed incredibly like a good deal to me considering dineLA has a tiered pricing structure.

Of the four appetizers, I went with a warming turnip soup. I toyed with the idea of the peppercress salad, smoked trout or the cheese and crackers.

grilled rare albacore

blackfoot hog confit

Oh, I knew I was going to get the pork right away. Who could resist something described as hog confit? I liked the creamed toasted barley, escarole and pistachio in the dish. The curry was an interesting choice for a flavor profile. I really have no idea how I managed to eat all that pork but I’m very proud of my porky day starting with the porchetta from Salumi for lunch.

pear crisp

bourbon pecan pie

For dessert, we had our choice of any of the desserts on the menu. I went with the bourbon pecan pie and also tasted the pear crisp. The pie was good, not quite like my favorite bourbon pecan pie from Cole’s in LA but it was still good.

I’d like to try more seafood so the next Tom Douglas restaurant I try will have to be seafood oriented. Perhaps Seatown or Etta’s on my next visit.


Palace Kitchen

2030 5th Ave., Seattle, WA 98121 – (206) 448-2001