Seattle: Salumi


Years and years ago, I watched a special on Salumi and was obsessed with trying the porchetta. On my first visit, they had sold out and I had the most amazing meatball sandwich instead. I’ve had different porchetta sandwiches through the years but somehow knew Salumi would be the Holy Grail. The last few times I’ve been to Seattle, there wasn’t time to go to Salumi so this time I made sure it was my first stop, about 2 hours after I got off the plane.

When I was looking at the menu, I almost wavered in what I was going to get. Oh, how I remembered that meatball sammie! But no, I have been hankering for this dang porchetta for all these years, I’m going to get it!

my precious porchetta

I got it with onions and peppers, you know, a little sandwich flair. But as soon as I bit into it, I knew the main attraction was the juicy pork. From the amount of juices that leaked from my sandwich, I could have had a shot (hm, whiskey and porchetta juice back?– must sneak in a flask next time). Though they do have wine by the glass.

close up on the porchetta

As I tried to finish the second half of my sandwich, one of Salumi’s workers actually asked if I was okay. I was in a bit of a pickle. I wanted to eat all of it. I really did but I was really stuffed. I ended up eating just the gorgeous meat.

Still, I considered taking a meatball sandwich to go. Ha!


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Salumi Artisan Cured Meats

309 3rd Ave S., Seattle, WA 98104 – (206) 621-8772