The Minty’s “I Want to Try in 2012” Restaurants List

I generally keep a mental list of restaurants I want to try but thought it’d be fun to post about these potential new favorites. And if you have suggestions, I’ll consider them! I am mostly concentrating on places that have been around forever but I have never been.  I also want to explore more Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese, Middle Eastern, South American and Latin restaurants. It is fortunate I live in a city where there is a high concentration of these cuisines.

I also am planning a Minty-approved guide to LA’s Chinatown. This project is going to take a bit of time but it’ll be delicious.

In no particular order…

Bazaar at the SLS- yes, I know…you don’t have to say it

Urasawa– LA’s best sushi?

Nozawa– the other LA’s best sushi?

Totoraku– Secret beef restaurant

Mastro’s – never been, is it really a great steakhouse?

CUT– should do a proper comparison, no?

n/naka– I have been waiting for a kaiseki restaurant forever!

La Cevicheria– blood clams

Guisados – tacos!

Lawry’s Prime Rib– as a native Angeleno, I’m slightly ashamed I’ve never been

Ciro’s– another LA must do

Raffi’s Place


Cook’s County

Park’s BBQ – heard this was the best KBBQ

SooWon Galbi – okay, heard THIS was the best KBBQ

Kobawoo House – pork

Ham Ji Park

Corner Place

Big Mista’s BBQ



Dino’s Chicken & Burgers

Sushi Zo

Sushi Karen

Legendary Ramen Festival at Mitsuwa


KTCHN 105 (been for pig butchering but not for restaurant)




Osteria Mamma

El Parian


Mercato di Ventro


La Casita Mexicana

Newport Tan Cang Seafood


Sage Organic Vegan

Cru (Vegan)

Flore Vegan

Cinnamon Vegetarian (veg Mexi food?)

Berlin Currywurst

Wako– for tonkatsu

Mother Dough

Hollywood Pies

Stella Rossa

Milo & Olive


Artisan Cheese Gallery

Falafel Arax



List to be revised, surely!