West Hollywood: ink.sack

banh mi


Although ink.sack opened before ink., I still hadn’t made it over for the adorably tiny sandwiches. I had heard so much about these petite sammies and given plenty of warning to get “at least” two, that I put out a call which ones should I get. I was advised that the cold fried chicken and CLT (chicken skin, lettuce and tomato) were the favorites. Well, I didn’t get those. I decided on the spicy tuna and banh mi while a friend had the turkey and the Jose Andres (aka the Spanish Godfather).

Maryland crab chips and iced tea



While ink. is completely comfy with a full bar, ink.sack is essentially a take-away business. There are four tables (two inside, two outside). There are no chairs and they do not have water. I was informed they don’t have cups. If you’re eating there, you’re going to crowd around one of the tables with a purchased drink in hand. Perhaps a bag of chips and maybe a cookie if the darling sandwiches didn’t fill you up.

Jose Andres

That is, that’s what I imagined. To my surprise, I was actually quite full after eating one. And I shared the bag of chips. I think it was honestly all the standing around. I digested more quickly? In any case, I was in and out of the place in less than 45 minutes. There wasn’t a line when I went but you can call ahead to pre-order. The four inch sandwiches are $4-6.

maple turkey


spicy tuna


My favorite of the four sandwiches I tasted was the spicy tuna. Made with miso-cured albacore and sriracha mayo, it was a winner with strips of seaweed as well. I did like the turkey though I probably would order something new in favor of it. I am aiming for the “reuben” next time with corned beef tongue. As for the banh mi, I prefer Spice Table’s version more if I’m going for a fancy banh mi and not the sort you can pick up for less than $2. It wasn’t bad though. Maybe I would like it better with more pickled veggies. I am a fiend for pickled things.

The Jose Andres was a little too messy for me. But Minty, you say, it’s a sandwich. True.

ink sack menu

I see my game plan next time- reuben and BBQ pork rinds. Okay, maybe the cold fried chicken as well.



8360 Melrose Ave., Ste 107, Los Angeles, CA 90069 – 323-655-7225