DTLA: Artisan House

Artisan House


This week, I admitted to “breaking up” with Bottega Louie last year. It was one of my favorite restaurants but something changed. I suspect the opening chef leaving had something to do with it. Suddenly I couldn’t take the loud crowd, the long wait for a table and the loss of some of my favorites including the peanut butter terrine.

prime beef crudo

Enter Artisan House. It’s more compact than Bottega Louie and it doesn’t serve anything remotely similar. Yet, the restaurant, bar and market concept is very much welcome in bustling Downtown. And right in the Old Bank District where many live? Fantastic.

burrata with cured trout belly

cured trout belly on crispy potato cake with burrata

I headed over for lunch a couple of weeks ago. We decided to get three starters, a side of vegetables and a main. While pondering dessert, I questioned why I was still so hungry. I realized after I got back to the office and looked at the pictures, we never got one of the starters! Oh the horror. I didn’t get a reply or apology when I tweeted the restaurant so at the moment, I can’t recommend them for social media follow-up.

However, the service we did receive was pretty good. Very attentive and I’m hoping for more good times to come. Any new restaurant should have a grace period, I suppose.

chicken fried Duroc pork


grilled broccolini


We liked all our food. I was particularly into the prime beef crudo and the broccolini. I liked the chicken fried pork but it was a little small to share (oh, why am I still so hungry…oh, yeah, that’s right). I found it interesting the same crispy potatoes in the dish were the same used in the trout belly burrata appetizer.

It was lunch so I didn’t partake in cocktails. Nothing really grabbed me though I might try Genevieve (Aviation gin, Green Chartreuse, lemon syrup, tarragon garnish) or the Collaboration (rye, port, maraschino, sweet vermouth, garnished with goat-cheese stuffed Luxardo cherry) if I come in for dinner. I see myself returning again to try the deli side. The sandwiches are a couple bucks less than if you were to sit down.The Artisan House Reuben or the Truffle Chicken Salad sandwiches sound good. Or maybe the Confit Albacore Tuna or Roast beef.

So Bottega Louie, au revoir and bonjour Artisan House!

And yes, those are my pictures.

Artisan House

600 S Main St., Los Angeles, CA 90014 – (213) 622-6333