The Minty Will Guest Bartend at Nick + Stef’s on Thursday, July 19



So The Minty (that would be me) is guest bartending at Nick + Stef’s on Thursday, July 19. I’ll be there from 5-7PM and serving a drink I’ve come up for the Girl & a Grill series featuring Chef Megan Logan.

There’ll be food and drink specials (hey, it’s HAPPY HOUR!) and you can watch me puzzle out the fact I’m behind the stick and not planted on a barstool guzzling cocktails.
If you can’t make it, I’ll be mighty sad but good thing Nick + Stef’s will keep The Minty’s cocktail on the menu for a week!



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Thursday, July 19


Nick + Stef’s

330 S Hope St # 100, Los Angeles, CA 90071-3115  — (213) 680-0330


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