Final Days of Foie

foie gras & jelly doughnut at UMAMIcatessen


The foie gras ban in California takes effect on July 1. As we get closer to the final days of foie, I’ve been quietly saying goodbye.

I can’t remember the first time I had foie gras. But I clearly remember every time I loved it. While I gamely try it every place I see it at, I do reflect upon the mania this ban has caused. Everything from a fake secret menu item at In N Out to all-foie multi-course dinners (I’m looking at you, Melisse), to all the puns- foiemageddon is probably my fave.

Recently I tried the UMAMIcatessen‘s foie gras and jelly doughnut. I know everyone is going to hate me for this but other than Ludo’s foie cupcake and Le Pigeon’s foie profiteroles, I haven’t really had great liver desserts. Don’t get me wrong, this actually a decent doughnut but I would rather eat UMAMIcatessen’s PIGG fries with pork brains sauce (brainaise).

Minty’s Top Foie Favorites (in no particular order) – I’ll miss you

The simple and divine seared foie at Le Comptoir

Foie gras steamed in sake at Benu (SF)

Teriyaki foie gras at LQ’s Fooding Around

Foie gras loco moco at Animal

Foie gras ravioli at Providence

Foie gras terrine at the Ship (Wandsworth, London, UK)

Foie gras banh mi at Red Medicine

Foie gras tostada at Bistro LQ

Foie gras profiteroles at Le Pigeon

Ludobites foie gras cupcake

Foie gras ramen


Now it seems the question is anyone really going to enforce the law? Both LAPD and SFPD say no.

Well, foie-get-uh-about-it then!  I look forward to possibly illicitly going to some underground and not some underground dinners.


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