Eating at Animal During Foiehibition

spicy tendon chip with charred onion pho dip

Before California banned foie gras, I went to Animal a couple of times to get my favorite there, the foie gras loco moco. It was the dish that brought me to the restaurant in the first place all those years ago. In the past couple of years, I always ordered it if it was on the menu. I’d order other things and like them but it was that foie loco moco that kept me coming back. I never did write about those final two meals. How many more times could I proclaim my love? But if you want to see the pics, they’re located here in my flickr set.

hamachi tostada

I remembered loving the hamachi tostada so I made sure we ordered that along with the spicy tendon chip to start. Oh my! The spicy tendon chip was tendon that had been puffed up. It was like chicharrone, but better with the pho spices dipping sauce. I seriously thought about carting home the remainder of the dip.


fried Brussels sprouts

fried Brussels sprouts- revealing the soft egg


I never pass up the opportunity to order Brussels Sprouts. Sadly, this night the best part was the runny yolk of the egg and the cheese. I felt the Brussels sprouts were overcooked. It was almost as if they were boiled, not roasted. Yet they had a slight char. It was confusing.

crispy pig’s head


The rest of the meal was much better. We got the crispy pig’s head with chow chow. This was probably a good size for one person. I used the tiny pieces of lettuce to make lettuce cups out of this dish.

balsamic pork ribs


For years I’ve wanted to try the pork ribs at Animal. I would see huge plates of the ribs go out and always promised myself I’d get it next time. But then I’d go to my old love, the foie gras loco moco and completely forget to. I guess it’s a good thing this forced break up has introduced me again to the ribs. The balsamic glaze was thick but not syrupy. After eating one, I was full. After eating two, I wanted wet naps. After three ribs, I wanted an actual nap.

huckleberry pavlova


For dessert, we got the huckleberry pavolova. My friend really likes pudding like desserts and this feels a bit healthy as the texture was closer to a whipped yogurt or ricotta cheese.

bacon chocolate crunch bar


We also got the beloved bacon chocolate crunch bar with salt and pepper ice cream as she had never been to Animal before. It’s a must for first-time diners.

Would I return post foie gras ban? Well, I have and I will again. Animal does really well even without the showy fatty liver. Besides, I need that tendon chip and dip again.

Animal Restaurant

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