SGV: Fortune Dumpling

cold apps combo

I spotted Fortune Dumpling a few months and put it on my list of dumplings places to try. Perhaps one of these days I’ll find my favorite xiao long bao (juicy soup dumplings) place. In the meantime, Fortune isn’t a bad spot to try.

Because I love small plates and appetizers, we got the cold appetizer combo which came on a pretty fancy try for a Chinese restaurant. The plating is leagues above other dumplings places I’ve been too. No plastic dishes here.

But the taste? Pretty good actually. You don’t lose any flavor in concession to fancy plates. I loved the seaweed salad best but the pig’s ears were great as well. The only disappointment were the odd flavorless tofu. But they were better added to the leftover noodles the next day.

beef roll


A billion years ago or two years ago, I did a beef roll crawl with the Uncouth Gourmands. My favorite beef roll that day was from Mandarin Deli. And you know what? I haven’t had one since. My crawls tend to do that. I binge and then I don’t eat the item for years (although I can’t say that has happened with pizza or dumplings).

Fortune’s beef roll was beautiful. Again, it was nicely plated on a long dish which meant the beef roll which usually comes sliced and stacked in two stacks made an impression as one long roll. I found the pancake or roll part to be fine but it was the beef that sold me. It was tender and flavorful.

close up of beef roll

It did however have bits of iceberg lettuce and I wasn’t too into that. I think if you’re going to try for crunch, maybe some Chinese celery would help.


dumplings combo – carrot, spinach, beets


Since there were only two of us, we maximized our dumplings ordering by going for the combo which featured three colorful sets of dumplings. The orange tint came from carrots, the green from spinach and the red from beets. The carrot ones were stuffed with chicken and turned out to be a favorite. I thought I would love the spinach with pork but it was just okay. And the beet ones were stuffed with seafood. These were good, much better than the pumpkin and shrimp ones we had later.

beef and tendon noodle soup

close up on the tendon and bits


I’ve been on a tendon kick lately and we got the beef and tendon soup. Since we didn’t order the spicy version, I was surprised how sweet this was. I would have liked it to be more savory but I understand it could be the region the food is from. I am unused to sweeter Northern Chinese food.

But then I found it  mellowed out the next day when I had it as leftovers.

XLBs // juicy soup dumplings

Ah, what we’ve been waiting for, n’est pas? The xiao long bao! These juicy soup dumplings were well made. There was quite a bit of juice though I lost some as the delicate wrapper popped open on some. As I got into the filling, I realized they actually seasoned the meat well. Hurray!

But still searching for my favorite… a wonderful task.

pumpkin and shrimp dumplings

Avoid the pumpkin and shrimp dumplings if you’re looking for more shrimpy dumplings. These were sadly all pumpkin.

mostly pumpkin



We still had a great time and I would definitely come back for the cold appetizers and try some other noodles. Plus they had other dumplings to try as well.

Fortune Dumpling

500 N Atlantic Blvd., Ste 149, Monterey Park, CA 91754  — (626) 293-8181
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