What Not to Name Your Restaurant in 2013


Back in August, my pal Allan Katz over at Cana Rum Bar and I came up with a list of names not to name your restaurant and/or bar in 2013. This post is partially inspired by Hedonia’s What Not to Name Your Food Blog.

  • Kitchen
  • The address of the restaurant (not the numbers, not the street name)
  • Anything animal-related (unless the boys at Surly Goat and Blind Donkey will really name a bar called The Minty Fox, heh)
  • Table
  • Door
  • Farm
  • Shop (or the hated ‘shoppe’)
  • any form of lighting (chandelier, lantern, Edison etc)
  • Rum
  • Bar (do you see what Allan and I did here?)
  • Market
  • Spice
  • Tavern
  • Laurel (see note on address)
  • Grill (especially w/an e as in ‘grille’)
  • City
  • House (no spelling in foreign languages either like ‘casa’ or god forbid the old-fashioned ‘chez’)
  • Corner
  • AND (don’t put two random words together and join them with AND for the name of your restaurant)
  • Red (actually any primary color)
  • Sky
  • Union
  • Food
  • Drink
  • Town (see note on adding extraneous Es to words as in Towne)
  • Pub

Runner up names as suggested by Minty minions

  • Bistro
  • Social (especially when combined with other no-no words– see above)

We will sigh and go to the current restaurants with these words in their name but don’t think you’re off the hook. You better be the best damn Red AND Bear Kitchen Sky Spice Farm Corner Social House Table Bar Kitchen Pub Shoppe Tavern ever. We mean it.

© The Minty  2012