Venice: Brunch at Superba Snack Bar

Blood Orange Mimosa

Blood Orange Mimosa

Recently I headed west to Venice to check out Superba Snack Bar for brunch. We got in just in time before they closed the kitchen at 3PM.

persimmon salad

elderflower persimmon salad

It was a bright and sunny day. I was feeling the blood orange mimosa though their cocktails looked pretty good. Next time I’m trying the Superba Sour (Cardamaro, simple syrup, lemon, egg white). We started with a couple of salads including the persimmon salad. It looked like a painting on a plate. It was very pretty. It didn’t look quite large enough for three though so I didn’t try any.

black kale salad

black kale salad

I did however chow down on the black kale salad. I really liked the dressing as well as the bits of jalepeno pickled raisins and pecorino. I was talking to some friends about the no substitutions thing. Substitutions are declined at Superba and quite a few restaurants in town. It doesn’t bother me but I suppose if you have food allergies, if would annoying if you couldn’t ask for something to be left out. For instance, I don’t eat croutons or other really bready things but I just picked them out. I guess it isn’t the same if you’re actually allergic to something. Still, why try to order it then? For the most part, the line is trained to make something a certain way. That dressing may already contain the item you’re allergic to.

I thought it was pretty funny though Superba offers a gluten-free pasta in the the prose about the no substitutions rule on the menu.

fried poached eggs on brioche with turkey

poached eggs on brioche with chestnut honey and ricotta

My friend had just gone for a run earlier in the day and was more in breakfast mode. She selected the poached eggs on brioche with chestnut honey and ricotta. It sounded delicious but after I got my entree, I had to decline a bite.

crab melt tartine

crab melt tartine

I was trying to decide between the fried chicken and the crab melt tartine with Jarlsberg cheese and Old Bay seasoning. It’s a good thing I went with crab because I went to a friend’s house for dinner that night and every dish they ordered contained chicken.

This rich dish definitely hit the spot. It was heavy but I burned off calories by… oh wait, I didn’t burn off any of the calories. Bring on the crab anyway!

I’d like to come back to try the pastas for dinner but as we were leaving, I saw them writing the specials outside and the hearty meat dishes also caught my eye.

Superba Snack Bar

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