DTLA: New Dishes at UMAMIcatessen

Happy Hour at UMAMIcatessen- street dog

Happy Hour at UMAMIcatessen- Downtown Dog


Late last year, I hit up UMAMIcatessen for Happy Hour and other eats. I spotted the Downtown Dog which was a bacon-wrapped dog with chipotle-cream and peppers. It’s not quite the same as dreamily (sleepily!) eating a street dog after clubbing or bar hoppin’ but it does give you the same sensation- you want more.

truffle slider

truffle slider


So I tried the truffle slider. One of my eating buddies swears by their truffle burger which I tried for the first time at my sweet potato fries showdown but it’s generally not the Umami burger I usually get. Actually, I don’t have a usual burger. I like to try different ones. To be honest, the truffle slider is a tad expensive for a slider. Yes, it does have the same great taste but at $5 for one slider, I might as well order a full-sized burger at $12. But I was here to try the new items.


pork & oysters

I have nothing but mad love for pork and seafood together. But I never thought to top raw oysters with nduja, a type of ham. The nduja migonette added a smokiness to the fresh oysters.


breakfast sandwich

PIGG breakfast sandwich


My friend insisted we get the PIGG breakfast sandwich. I’m still not into sweet with my savory but it works in breakfast. The maple poached egg tops the sausage, pig ear bacon (really, fried pig ear), cheddar cheese, hot sauce all sandwiched in a housemade English muffin. Take that, Mickey D’s!

It was so good, I plotted to get the leftovers.

brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts

Yes, Brussels sprouts aren’t very exciting but they’re still a vegetable and they’re good for you. We enjoyed this version with Parmesan and honey mustard.


caramelized squash


My veggie find though was the carmaelized squash. Served with a cumin yogurt and lime, the squash was also sprinkled with paprika. I actually thought about how I’d replicate this recipe just in case I couldn’t get back to UMAMIcatessen anytime soon. The squash was perfectly roasted but still had a bit of a bite which I liked.


bread pudding


I was clutching my stomach but we couldn’t leave with a little bit of sweetness. We opted for the bread pudding. I loved the presentation. It reminded me of their doughnuts. This was soaked with whiskey and came with an orange zest cream cheese as well as raisins.

I usually go to UMAMIcatessen for lunch but I may have to start swinging by for dinner or happy hour.


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