Umami Burger: The Poutine Burger

the Truffled Poutine burger

When I saw Umami posted they were doing a special Truffled Poutine burger, I grabbed my gay boyfriend and away we went. We are crazy about poutine and will try just about any variation of it. The picture they posted showed the patty on a large bed of fries. What we got was more of their standard serving in a bowl. The truffle mushroom gravy was a tad bit salty but considering the speed we got through this, I would say it didn’t bother us. As if there’s not enough truffle, the whole thing is topped with truffled cheese and something they’re calling a “truffle glaze.” Holy triple threat of truffles! Gravy, cheese and glaze!

After this dish, I’m thinking a poutine crawl is in order soon.

When we ran out of French fries, we were glad to have ordered the extra large tots. No, the order isn’t extra large. The tots are easily twice the size of other tots. Are these teenagers or tots? Either way, we love ’em.

Teens, er, Tots!

While we were there, I decided to also try the Earth Burger which is beloved by vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike.

Earth Burger

The Earth Burger features a mushroom and edamame patty with white soy aioli, truffle ricotta, cippolini onions, lettuce and slow-roasted tomatoes.  Umami sure loves its truffles. Like the poutine, I found this a bit salty but nothing a good cocktail or a glass of water wouldn’t combat. Because the patty doesn’t have the bite of beef, it does falls apart easily. You may need a knife and fork for this burger eventually.

Of the different Umami locations, I tend to go to Umami Urban the most. It’s in the heart of Hollywood and I’ve never had trouble getting a table quickly unlike Santa Monica or the original one on La Brea.

I’ll be back but probably for their regularl burgers next time. And the tots!


1520 N Cahuenga Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028-7300‎ – (323) 469-3100‎


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