San Diego: Wild West Rematch at Seven Grand + Pour Vous 1-Year Anniversary Party

Auchentoshan Switch

Auchentoshan Affinity

First there was Speed Rack San Diego. Then I heard there was the Wild West Rematch at Seven Grand was going to be the next day. So I made plans to go down to San Diego for what turned into an entire Bartenders Weekend with multiple events. Speed Rack raises money for breast cancer while Rematch gives bartenders a chance to show off who’s the fastest.

The menu at Seven Grand that night was abbreviated for the special event. I tried all three drinks but my favorite was the Auchentoshan Affinity. It’s a stirred cocktail. Think a perfect Rob Roy (perfect means both sweet and dry vermouth).

Bartenders who compete in Rematch do it on their own- with no sponsorships and they put down their own money towards the prize. They have to make 10 tiki drinks in the shortest amount of time. Anyone going over 6 minutes is automatically disqualified. You’re also disqualified if you break any glasses. The winner takes the prize pot.

Miss Speed Rack and Miss Wild West Rematch

Miss Speed Rack and Miss Wild West Rematch Yael Vengroff

Over 20 bartenders competed in Rematch. 2012 Miss Speed Rack winner Yael Vengroff then showed off her speedy skills at Rematch. She won this competition at 1:43 seconds without seemingly breaking out a sweat. Watch the video I took here. Yep, she made 10 drinks in less than 2 minutes.

Yael is now in Los Angeles and works for Proprietors. You can also catch her behind the stick at Pour Vous and Harvard & Stone sometimes. She and other great bartenders will be at the Pour Vous 1-year anniversary party next Wednesday, April 10. There’s open bar from 8-10 so don’t miss it!


Seven Grand San Diego

3054 University Ave., San Diego, CA 92104  —  (619) 269-8820

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