Miami: Modern Bites at Pubbelly Sushi


On our last day in Miami, we decided to grab lunch at Pubbelly Sushi. We originally wanted to check out Pubbelly but Carina really wanted sushi and I was starting to miss Asian food so we went to check it out. They were quite open yet so we amused ourselves at the liquor store around the corner, Azul Spirits which was a pretty decent booze shop featuring some of my favorite vermouths, amari, whiskey and more.

Once Pubbelly Sushi opened, we were ushered to the center of the cozy dining room.


hamachi (yellowtail) jalepeno


The menu seemed fusion-ish with some traditional sounding offerings like hamachi jalepeno. I’ve had similar sashimi dotted with sliced jalepeno before. However, I thought the fish was a little on the fishy side.

Later we thought we should have tried one of the New England style rolls. The lobster was only $7 and it was a decent size from the looks of the one we saw go by.

soft shell crab

Southern fried soft shell crab


I liked the Southern Fried soft shell crab much better which we wrapped in lettuce leaves and ate with a dipping sauce.


Yuuke – Wagyu tartare


Our favorite dish turned out to be the yuuke, the Wagyu tartare with an eensy tiny raw quail egg. I loved the spicy miso dressing which was toned down a bit when mixed in with the green onion, cucumber and Asian pear.


sushi – hamachi and scallop nigiri


We also got some traditional sushi. Again the yellowtail seemed a bit off but the scallop was great.

pork belly roll

pork belly and clams roll


Surprisingly my other favorite dish was the pork belly and clams roll. No, it certainly wasn’t traditional but the crispy pork belly went so well with the rice and fried clams. The kimchi cole slaw that topped the roll was tasty as well.

banana eggrolls

banana harumaki (egg rolls)


To complete our meal, we got mini fried egg rolls stuffed with banana called harumaki. I usually use dipping sauces sparingly but I liked the passionfruit dipping sauce which help temper the steaming rolls.

I’m probably returning to Miami sooner rather than later and will be in this area again so there’s a good chance I’ll give the sushi another shot and get one of those New England style rolls.


Pubbelly Sushi

1424 20th St., Miami Beach, FL 33139  —   (305) 531-9282
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