Mid-City: Finding Treasure at Goldie’s

Bar Manager Brittini Rae Peterson

Bar lady Brittini Rae Peterson

After checking out the regional Tequila Ocho Viva Sangrita competition, we had some snacks and cocktails at Goldie’s. I made a mental note to come back because I really liked the atmosphere and the Brussels Sprouts. And besides that, I needed to properly “tour” the cocktail list.

3rd Street Mai Tai

3rd Street Mai Tai


So I popped back in a couple of weeks ago for a fine cocktail or two. We also ordered more food than necessary for two people but what better way to explore the menu?

I started with the 3rd Street Mai Tai. Brittini Rae Peterson runs the very focused bar at Goldie’s. Reading the cocktail list doesn’t really prepare you for the delicious cocktails. Brittini toasted the coconut herself before infusing it with rum. Some might not call this a mai tai but it is still a great drink with freshly shaved chocolate.

3rd Street Mai Tai – toasted coconut rum, dry curacao, orgeat, basil, chocolate chili bitters


kohlrabi and cucumber salad


We started with a light crunchy salad. I loved that they shaved the kohlrabi and cucumber, creating almost a different texture. It was definitely architectural looking with crushed peas and wavy vegetables.

Battery Park

Battery Park

The first time I went to Goldie’s, I had the Battery Park, this pretty drink with a massive Peychaud’s bitters ice ball. As the ice slowly melts, it creates almost a different cocktail. I wouldn’t let anyone take away the glass until all the ice melted or half melted, creating a boozy slushy.

Battery Park – 100 proof rye, Punt e Mes, maple, Peychaud’s bitters ice, peach bitters

Brussels Sprouts

Brussels Sprouts


The Brussels sprouts were so good the first time we ended up ordering another order. It was a must-order on my second visit. The sprouts are fried and almost caramelized and it had a great sauce with hints of jalepeno.


PEI mussels


The Prince Edward Island mussels are steamed with leeks and cider. I thought they were different from the mussels I’ve had in the past steamed with beer. These seemed lighter and disappeared quickly.

fried quail

fried quail


My friend really wanted the fried quail. I love quail but find it hard to share because of its size. We reasoned that meant we should get another dish. We split the delicate bird and as usual, I didn’t really want to put sauce on it. I feel it’s a shame to destroy the crispiness with sauce but I did dab a bit of the apricot BBQ sauce on the quail meat. Still, I don’t recommend this dish for more than one person.


6 Degrees in Mexico

Although we were headed to El Carmen, we decided to split an agave spirit cocktail. I chose the 6 Degrees in Mexico. It was refreshing and I enjoyed both the flavor and color of the beet basil shrub. I really like these herbal and vegetal cocktails year round but especially in the summer when we have such great produce.

6 Degrees in Mexico – mezcal, red beet basil shrub, sherry vinegar, ginger lemon


black bass


The star of the night was the black bass. I was at Eveleigh, Goldie’s sister restaurant, the evening before and the wine guy told me to get the bass. The crispy skin was amazing. I normally don’t eat skin (of any sort) but this was like chips. I could have eaten just the skin alone.


roast pork collar


We rounded out our meal with a bit of pork. I really enjoyed the juicy roasted pork collar but my friend didn’t. He was looking for another flavor. It wasn’t that it wasn’t well-seasoned, but I guess after the astounding fish, he wanted more of the same. I personally would have liked this served with more pureed potatoes or maybe a grain like rice.

the bar at Goldie's

the bar at Goldie’s

I would like to come back for brunch during the day. I loved the living wall of plants and herbs on the patio. But it would be hard to leave the bar. It’s also a wonderful view.



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