Mid-City: Brunch at Kings Road Cafe

ham and cheese

Black Forest ham and Fontina cheese omelet

Kings Road Cafe is super popular with the locals for location, food and the patio for people watching. It can get very busy but our wait was relatively short at 30 minutes on a recent Sunday. We ended up sitting inside but there was still plenty to look at while enjoying our eggy brunch.

chicken sausage

chicken cilantro sausage and fontina cheese omelet


Three of my friends ordered the chicken cilantro sausage and Fontina cheese omelet. I decided to be a rebel and got the Black Forest ham and Fontina cheese one. After seeing their omelets, I wished I had gotten the chicken. Mine barely had any ham and I was experiencing food envy. I did appreciate the huge mound of guacamole and once I secured some salsa, I ate my mostly cheese omelet. Next time I’m getting the chicken sausage. Or possibly something from the lunch menu which looked great with sandwiches and salads.


Kings Road Cafe

8361 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90048  —  (323) 655-9044

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