Hollywood: The Hangover Burger at Mud Hen Tavern

The Hangover Burger

The Hangover Burger

If you find yourself at Mud Hen Tavern for any of the Whiskey Monday nights this month, I implore you to try the Hangover burger. It’s their burger but with a fried egg and bacon. And we all know a fried egg makes everything even more wonderful.

On Monday, March 17 which is St. Patrick’s day, Mud Hen will be featuring Irish food with Irish whiskey.

Then on March 24, Mud Hen will do a bourbon dinner with sliders. But the one I’m most excited about is Loch Ness Monster vs Godzilla whisky dinner. Mud Hen will feature Scotch and Japanese whiskys that evening to go with their paired dinner. All dinners are $25 a person. The full menu is also available… hm, add the hangover burger?




It’s only natural to get fries with burgers and so we did. Mud Hen does a good rendition of fries.


Daiquiri Elixir 


I probably should have gotten a beer but I wanted to try out the cocktails. I had one, the Daiquiri Elixir (Atlantico Reserva rum, lime, Green Chartreuse, pure cane). I got pretty excited about the Green Chartreuse though I did wonder if the name referred the fabled Chartreuse exlir but I couldn’t imagine using such precious liqueur since the drink was a measly $12 (compared to a $14 mezcal drink).

kale salad

shaved kale and Brussels sprouts salad


I actually got the shaved kale and Brussels sprouts as my side. I was in love with the cheese and since I didn’t share this with anyone (they were too busy eating fries), I was very happy with the portion size.

The Mud Hen cheeseburger features Lindy & Grundy organic, grass-fed beef, marinated tomato aioli, lettuce, aged cheddar and housemade pickles on a brioche bun. The Hangover burger has all that plus the aforementioned fried egg and Neuske’s bacon. It’s pretty much the same wonderful burger as before thought the cheese is different.

For those who miss the vegetarian and vegan fare of the old Street days, I did notice quite a few veggie options and Mud Hen is happy to accommodate dietary needs. For example, they’ll take out the cheese in the kale and Brussels sprouts salad.

And yes, they still have kaya toast.

Mud Hen Tavern

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