Lunch at Street


Carina was in town for a winemaker dinner for just a day. Before she flew out, she requested cocktails on a nice patio or perhaps a rooftop bar. After wracking my brain for a while, I suggested Street which has great cocktails and shaded outdoor seating. Plus, Street is doing a lunch special for the month of January. Anything over $11 was marked down to $11.

New Jerusalem Bread Salad

Carina immediately went for the New Jerusalem bread salad. I discovered by bread, they meant croutons which isn’t my thing. I did like the spicing and perfectly hard-boiled egg though.

Dumpling Sampler

Since there were three of us, Street was nice enough to add 1 more of each item to our dumpling sampler. We got Urkraninan varenyky, fried stuffed mushrooms and Korean mandoo dumplings. My fave was the spinach varenyky. Carina found the mandoo dumplings’ sauce to be a bit too spicy for her but a dab through the sour cream and you’re all set. The mushrooms were stuffed with shrimp and shitake.

Black and Gold Ceviche

Our third, the Salty Lawyer was bummed to learned the Malaysian black pepper clams were still not available. Instead, they offered mussels which I would have snapped up but she opted to go with the black and gold ceviche. It was such an amazing looking dish with the slow spill of salsa negra and golden olive oil.

Brioche Cheeseburger

On the enthusiastic advice of AK, I got the brioche cheeseburger with Vermont white cheddar. I neglected to tell them no mayo though. It definitely made a tasty burger though the buttery brioche probably didn’t need a boost of calories from the mayo.

Turkish doughnuts

We were our way to Scoops Westside but we couldn’t leave without dessert to end our great girly time at Street. They sent us out Turkish doughnuts which were light and fluffy.

I wonder now if I have time to make it back to Street for lunch before the $11 and under deal ends?

Susan Feniger’s STREET

742 North Highland Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90038
(323) 203-0500