Word on the Street

Last month, I ran into Susan Feniger (and the Mayor) and said I needed to try her new restaurant, Street. I’ve been hearing good things but I wanted to check it out myself.

millet puffs

Everyone is given millet puffs to try. They are curiously spicy and reminded me a bit of rice crispy treats. I was told a group of Pitzer students (Susan’s alma mater) were in recently trying to guess all the ingredients. I should bring my best friend here who is also a Pitzer alumna and the greatest home cook I know (okay, I have to say that, she is my best friend!).

Burmese salad

I first tried the Burmese salad at Taste of the Nation and most recently at Chefs Night Out but the flavors still popped and I do so love this salad.

kaya toast

Everyone talks about the Kaya toast. I can see why, the sweet and savory is the perfect combination.

spinach varenyky

I’ll tell you a secret, I love vegetables. The spinach dumplings and kale caught my eye right away. But because there was only two of us, I couldn’t go all crazy and order so much food. As it was, we did order too much and had to pass up dessert.

scallops on the half shell

I am way bummed out that I could not take a single good picture of these wonderful scallops. It was easily my favorite dish of the night.

tatsutage fried chicken

I was initially intrigued by these huge pieces of fried chicken. The batter was light and crisp. Then I remember why I don’t usually eat mayo. The sauce quickly turned the batter into sludge. Good thing the chicken by itself was great.

Vietnamese corn with pork belly

I’ll tell you another secret, I love meat. When I saw the corn came with pork belly, I was on board. It was a nice side dish to eat with our mabo tofu.

mabo tofu

This mabo tofu was the most unusual version I’ve had. It had a definite black bean flavor and was very sweet. I would have liked it spicier. Great fresh ingredients though. The greens was a nice update on this classic dish.

I also tried out a couple of cocktails and I highly recommend the Godfather if you’re into whiskey!

The next day, I was on Twitter and noticed Meal Muse was also at Street the same time I was. Here’s her blog about the night.

We had a great time and I would like to go back to try other items from around the world. The noodles, burger and ribs look great!

Susan Feniger’s STREET

742 North Highland Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90038

(323) 203-0500