Culver City: Getting the Siete Mares Soup at Gloria’s Cafe

sopa de siete mares

sopa de siete mares


Gloria’s Cafe is technically located in Palms but everyone thinks of as Culver City. The family-owned and run business is a neighborhood gem. Popular dishes include the carne adobada and pupusas. I go for the glorious sopa de siete mares. The seafood soup features octopus, squid, shrimp, fish and half of a giant crab. It’s amazing. The broth is flavorful and

I can take down the soup by myself but when a friend also wants to order it, I “shared” with her. We also got a couple of pupusas and a fish dish.

reveulta and lorocco pupusas

revuelta and lorocco pupusas


Gloria’s has a few different options for pupusas but I always get a pork one and an herb known as lorocco. Revuelta has both pork and chicharron (pork skin). Topped with my favorite slaw, curtido, the cheesy pupusas can be a meal in itself. I treat them as an appetizer. One should be good so share with a friend. Especially if you’re getting more food.

pescado con mojo ajo

pescado con mojo de ajo


Although I wanted to get the shrimp dish, I decided to try something different and get the fish special. Served with rice and beans, it’s very filling and a good portion.

I would say Gloria’s is a third or fourth date place. You want to be able to enjoy this garlic sauced fish or tackle that bowl of seafood soup. Cracking crab legs together will really show you what kind of person you’re dating is like– do they go for it with gusto or will they stick with something less wild? Just tell them this is a try-out before you sail the seven seas together.


Gloria’s Cafe

10227 Venice Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90034  —  (310) 838-0963
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