Little Tokyo: Lunch at Restaurant Aoi




Little Tokyo has so many cafes and restaurants, it’s easy to try new places all the time. However, I tend to have favorites. When my favorite tonkatsu place was busy, I went next door to Aoi. I had been once before for dinner and probably for the same reason- another place I wanted to go was busy. There were a few other tables occupied but it was rather late for lunch.

Aoi is litterally a mom and pop shop. Or perhaps that might be grandma and grandpa. She takes your order and he does the cooking and delivering. It’s a mellow place where small bursts of laughter from her breaks up the almost somber dining room.

I chose the yosenabe, a mini-hot pot of seafood and chicken served with rice. I was amused I was also given miso soup to start. The yosenabe has a few strands of noodles, tofu and some veggies as well. It’s a rather hearty lunch and would be warming on a cool day.

Aoi may not have been my first choice but it’s a lovely choice nonetheless.

Restaurant Aoi

331 E 1st St., Los Angeles, CA 90012  —  (213) 624-8260

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