Tapas at Smoke.Oil.Salt


bunyols de bacalla – cod croquettes


The new Smoke.Oil.Salt aims to fill a culinary void in Los Angeles with Spanish tapas and paella. Helmed by Chef Perfect Rocher who is a third generation paella maker, the restaurant occupies the former Angeli Caffe space. The restaurant has always been a bit odd with two rooms but Smoke.Oil.Salt plans one to be the main dining room while the other will be more casual with wine and wine-based cocktails (sherry, anyone?). On Sundays, enjoy a prix fixe paella menu.


olives amb bitets – olives, almonds & Manchego cheese


We tried a variety of tapas including the cod croquettes. Be careful as you pop the whole thing in your mouth which I do recommend over cutting it apart as the creamy cod might ooze out. While you wait for the rest of your food, a handy dish of olives and almonds should keep you company.


truita de carxofes – artichoke omlette


I love, love, love artichokes. The Omelette was fantastic. Eggy but the rice fiend in me wanted it to be on top of a bowl of rice. Maybe a squirt of chili oil too.


bravas trencades – fried potatoes


One of the popular dishes of the night was the bravas trencades which are fried potatoes with Serrano ham, chorizo and a fried egg. Potatoes seems to me a very classic Spanish tapas. But I did wonder about the fried egg which seems to be a trend… a trend I’m okay with.


pa amb tomaca il llangonisses – Catalan tomato toast with sausage


Tomato toast with sausage? Who could say no to such a simple but wonderful dish?


espencat de moixama – roasted eggplant & peppers


I wanted to love the roasted eggplant and peppers with Marcona almnds and salt-cured Valencian tuna more but found it entirely too oily. I think just a squeeze or two of lemon juice would have helped.


salpico d’orxata i ostres, clotxines – oysters & mussels


I loved the oysters and mussels in the tiger nut milk. It was almost like a soup which then made it difficult to share. Get your own bowl!


flam d’erico – sea urchin flan


My friend wasn’t into the texture of the sea urchin flan. I thought it hadn’t set completely but it didn’t bother me the flan was just a little bit more liquid-y than the urchin itself.


calamars amb mongetes – calamari and cranberry beans


One of my favorite dishes was the calamari and cranberry beans. The beans were just perfect- not mushy! We did wish for just a bit more calamari. But that’s the great thing about tapas style eating, you try a little and order more of your favorites.


pluma Iberica – Iberico pork


The whole room raved about the Iberico pork. And they had good reason. It was tender and the sauce was just perfect. Don’t worry that it’s a little pink. Good pork is just as good a bit rare like steak.


smoked green onions, Xato sauce


Described to be similar to ramps, these large onions were sauced with Xato sauce and accompanied the pork.


pate de xocolata – chocolate “pate”


Ending on a sweet note, we had the thick fudge-y chocolate “pate” with organic olive oil and smoked salt.

I can’t wait to go back to try the paella. I’m still dreaming of my experience at Julian Serrano in Vegas. It’s nice to have a Spanish restaurant so much closer to home.


7274 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90046  —  (323) 930-7900
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