LA Food & Wine Returns August 21-24 – Lexus Grand Tasting


Having Fun at LA Food & Wine!


Los Angeles Food and Wine (LAFW) returns August 21-24. There are many events including cooking demos and intimate lunches leading up with the Lexus Grand Tasting on both Saturday, August 23 and Sunday, August 24.

Look for great bites from Scarpetta, The Church Key, Cliff’s Edge, MB Post, Alimento and Cafe Pinot on Saturday.

I’m looking forward to trying bites from Bucato, Girasol, Acabar, Fundamental LA, Michael’s and Culina on Sunday.

Here are some of my favorites from last year.

kobe beef sushi from Chaya

kobe beef sushi from Chaya


I loved all the meaty dishes at the Grand Tasting. The Kobe beef sushi from Chaya was one of my favorite bites.

from the Montage

from the Montage


One of the best presentations was from the Montage hotel with their egg and speck.

Le Ka duck

Le Ka duck


Duck is the new pork belly (which was the new short ribs). Le Ka brought a lovely roast duck.

FIG goat

FIG goat torta


And on the other opposite end of the meaty spectrum is Fig’s goat torta. That little sandwich reminded me of what a sloppy joe or an Italian beef should be. Juicy and soaking into the bun.

Edwin and Leandro from Cole's

Edwin and Leandro from Cole’s

LAFW is all about wine but there are also cocktails to enjoy.




clam chowder from Joe's

clam chowder from Joe’s


Joe’s Stone Crab from Miami turned out to be my favorite vendor of the entire festival. They turned it up at Asian Night Market and for the Grand Tasting last year brought clam chowder with an extra “shot.”




 Lexus Grand Tasting – Saturday, August 23

Lexus Grand Tasting – Sunday, August 24

LA Center Studios

12-3 PM (both days)


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