LA Food & Wine Returns August 21-24 – Asian Night Market

It's Asian night, isn't it? Ngyuen from Starry Kitchen

It’s Asian night, isn’t it? Ngyuen from Starry Kitchen


This year’s Los Angeles Food & Wine (LAFW) returns August 21-24. One of my favorite events from last year was the Asian Night Market evening hosted by Iron Chef Morimoto. LAFW took over Grand Avenue in front of Disney Hall.

Asian Night Market generally sells out so get your tickets soon here. This year’s night is Friday, August 22.

Nguyen Tran from Starry Kitchen deliberately dressed “non-Asian” for the event. The quirky SK team once again joins the fest along with Los Angeles faves Nobu, Maison Akira, Yamashiro, Hamasaku, Phorage, Fickle, Little Sister and Mr. Chow.


Boozy oyster from Eat Your Drink, aka Matt Biancaniello

Boozy oyster from Eat Your Drink, aka Matt Biancaniello


LAFW emphasizes food as well as wine. But I couldn’t help but love this little oyster from bar chef Matt Biancaniello representing his Eat Your Drink company.

powdered beer from Joe's

powdered beer from Joe’s


I loved the set up from Joe’s Stone Crab in Miami. They brought Peking duck cotton candy, ramen and this very interesting powdered beer. They were one of the best booths and they return this year.

ramen from Joe's

ramen from Joe’s



A very delicious ramen for Asian Night Market.

Seoul Sausage

Seoul Sausage


One of my favorite bites from last year was the flamin’ ball from Seoul Sausage. They return as well.

Notable out of town restaurants to keep an eye out for is Morimoto Napa, Slanted Door, Restaurant 1833 and many more.



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Grand Avenue

Friday, August 22


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