Lunch with Seoul Sausage Food Truck

pork sausage

spicy pork sausage


Every now and then I catch lunch from a food truck. I recently had a sausage from Seoul Sausage Company. I’ve wanted to check out their Sawtelle location for a while now ever since I tried their deep-fried rice balls at last year’s LA Food & Wine Festival. Luckily, I spotted the truck and ordered a spicy pork sausage with apple slaw and a rice ball.


beef curry ball

Lil’ Osaka ball


I opted to try the Lil’ Osaka ball to compare it to the Flamin’ ball I had at LAFW. The Osaka ball is essentially Japanese beef curry in a rice ball and deep fried. Think Italian arancini but Japanese. While good, I decided I liked the Flamin’ one more with cheesy kimchi fried rice and spicy pork.

As for the sausage? I thought it was awesome. The spice was tamed by the apple slaw. I also thought the bun was really good with soft bread. And the sausage was a great size for lunch. I spent $10 and was very happy.

I hope the truck swings by again but if not, I know where to find them. There is the first location just off of Sawtelle and a new one in Koreatown.


Seoul Sausage Company

truck  + 2 locations


11313 Mississippi Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90025  — (310) 477-7739


3713 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90010  —  (310) 618-4410
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