DTLA: Seoul Sausage Now Open in Little Tokyo

Vinny's fried chicken sandwich

Vinny’s fried chicken sandwich


Seoul Sausage is now open in Little Tokyo, Downtown Los Angeles. The popular food truck opened a brick and mortar location off foodie central, Sawtelle in West LA (aka Japantown West, Little Osaka and probably another cutesy nickname no one uses). And now this second brick and mortar brings those famous sausages and rice balls to DTLA along with some new menu items.

I checked it out recently for lunch and tried out some of their cocktails.

My friend got Vinny’s fried chicken sandwich which she found a bit heavy. It looked pretty awesome to me but I agreed that maybe the Mama Oh’s chicken salad sandwich might be lighter for lunch.

A Case of the Mondays

A Case of the Mondays


One of the new drinks going on the menu is A Case of the Mondays. The pick-me-up is caffeine city with nitro cold brew coffee. The sweetness from the RumChata makes an excellent “creamer.” Everything is balanced out very well including hints of Jameson and the lovely Amaro Nardini. This isn’t your standard Irish coffee! Oh no, it almost makes you wonder if every day can be a Monday if you have one of these to assuage the pain.

A Case of the Mondays – RumChata, Amaro Nardini, Jameson Irish whiskey, chocolate syrup, and B Sweets Nitro Cold Brew coffee

Seoul Sister

Seoul Sister


While A Case of the Mondays is a great drink to replace dessert, I found I loved the Seoul Sister to start the meal. It reminded me of a pina colada but with green tea (matcha).

Seoul Sister – rum, matcha coconut cream, pineapple, lime

man salad

man salad


I’m one of those weird people who like vegetables AND meat. So I’m prone to order salads, side veggies and veggie-friendly dishes. The man salad is not really any of these things but get it anyway if you love tater tots? And who doesn’t when topped with kimchi flavored cheese sauce and pickled veggies? It’s really best of both worlds.


Makeolli Culkin



Going for the Kimchi-lada turns lunch into brunch instantly. Because what is brunch without the drinks? For those Bloody Mary and Michelada fans, this one is a fun variation with soju and umami-rich flavors such as kimchi, olive and Clamato.

Kimchi-lada – soju, kimchi juice, Clamato, olive juice, lemon

da KFC (Korean fried chicken wings)

da KFC (Korean fried chicken wings)


I really wanted to get “da KFC” but with just the two of us struggling through the filling man salad, Seoul Sausage was kind enough to send a teaser of fried chicken wings. Yum, my favorite. I already love Chef Chris Oh’s chicken wings he does for Escala so it’s no surprise I would like the Seoul Sausage ones he and his crew are offering. Despite being sauce-driven, these were still plenty crispy.

the only kalbi burger

the only kalbi burger


I was really torn between going for the breakfast sammie or the kalbi burger. Or just going all the way and ordering the ribs. I was being good though and got the kalbi burger. Topped with a fried egg, the burger was filling as hell. Don’t let the “petite” size fool you, it’s a heavy-hitter.


Ancho Mamma's Tonic

Ancho Mamma’s Tonic


One last drink? Why not? Check out Ancho Mamma’s Tonic which is the perfect drink to feature the agave trend. Plus it’s entirely too drinkable during a meal. Perhaps another?

Ancho Mamma’s Tonic – mezcal, Ancho Reyes chile liqueur, agave, lime

I’m going back with a bigger group of friends. Of course we’ll have to get the rice balls, sausages and that man salad but the ramen (Da Rappoki) and poke salad are calling my name.


Seoul Sausage – Little Tokyo

236 S Los Angeles St., Unit G, Los Angeles, CA 90012  —  (213) 935-8677
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