Sherman Oaks: Drinking at The Tunnel Bar

Tunnel Bar

Edwin at Tunnel Bar


There’s a new craft cocktail bar in Sherman Oaks. Tunnel Bar is above Tipple and Brine but you enter from the alley to get upstairs to the bar. The cozy bar features a staff trained to on classics including the more recent party “classics” like Hurricanes and Alabama Slammers. They want to be your new favorite fun bar and they just might pull it off with classy twists.

Tunnel Drinks

Sister Ray & Hurricane


The night I visited, I badgered my bestie to get the Hurricane even though she’s not much of a drinker while I stuck with a more “The Minty” style; aromatic cocktails. I really enjoyed my Sister Ray featuring three boozy friends that work well together. The rye, rum and sherry danced with velvet falernum and bitters. Served up, it’s an elegant drink.

The Hurricane is instantly upscale when featuring fresh juices and the head rocking rums.


Sister Ray – rye, rum, sherry, velvet falernum, bitters

Hurricane – 3 kinds of rum, passionfruit, orange, lime, grenadine


Pacific Profiteer


I was talking to Edwin Osegueda who used to bartend at Cana Rum Bar and now is at Tunnel about the changes he’s experienced from working at a private bar to a busy restaurant and semi-secret upstairs bar. He mentioned he really enjoyed interacting with his guests downstairs at Tipple and Brine and introducing everyone to new drinks and spirits. One example would be the Pacific Profiteer which features both pisco and absinthe. Most non-booze hounds had only heard of the supposedly crazy-inducing absinthe and possibly had seen a bottle of pisco.

Pacific Profiteer – pisco, lemon, nutmeg, absinthe




I remember the first time I ever had a Stinger which was years ago at one of those classy Hollywood bars that had been serving them since they opened. But by the time I ordered it, a few years ago, it had drifted into a category of drinks no one buy grandma every ordered. I’d glad to see the revival of such drinks. The brandy with creme de menthe is really very delicious.

Stinger – Cognac, creme de menthe, dry vermouth, mint


Alabama Slammer


Edwin wouldn’t let me go without me trying the Alabama Slammer. Like the Hurricane, fresh juice makes all the difference. It’s not too sweet. And it doesn’t hurt it’s truly refreshing. The bar was getting crowded and this helped reduce the body heat immediately surrounding the bar. Or at least that’s what I thought while sipping it. Now, if only there was a pool…

Alabama Slammer – amaretto, sloe gin, rum, orange juice, lime

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Tunnel Bar

14633 Ventura Blvd.,  Sherman Oaks, CA 91403  —  (818) 528-3434

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