DTLA: Getting New Orleans Style at Preux & Proper

Preux and Proper

Preux and Proper


Preux and Proper opened late December in Downtown Los Angeles. Taking over the old Parish space, Preux and Proper has transformed it into a New Orleans paradise. The two-story restaurant has Preux downstairs with a frozen daiquiri bar and the upstairs Proper has sit-down seating as well as a large bar.

Preux - daiquri bar

Preux – daiquri bar


Downtown needed a fun place to unwind and nothing says that more than the glowing daiquiri machines, bewitching you with their pretty colored slushies.

Rocket Fuel, Mint Julep & Irish Coffee

Rocket Fuel, Mint Julep & Irish Coffee


I tried Rocket Fuel, Mint Julep and Irish Coffee. I’d suggest Irish Coffee if you’re a fan of NOLA’s Erin Rose’s version. Otherwise, people also enjoyed the mint julep.




Preux and Proper had some of the prettiest oysters I’ve ever seen. They were PRISTINE. No little bits of shells anywhere. And those shells were practically pulsing with vitality! These were a great way to start our meal.

shrimp beignets

smoked shrimp beignets


The shrimp beignets are also a must. While I loved all my fatty meals in New Orleans, I appreciate the healthier aspect of Preux and Proper’s small bites.

Lemon Smash punchbowl

Lemon Smash punchbowl

Some of the drinks on the cocktail list can be made into punches. We tried the Lemon Smash, a great mezcal punch. It still had hints of smokey goodness but didn’t interfere with the flavors of the food.

Lemon Smash – Nuestra Soledad mezcal, lemon, simple syrup, mint

mufaletta platter

muffaletta board


One of my favorite noshes from NOLA is a muffaletta. I was so excited to try the muffaletta board but I have to admit I found it a bit odd. The fig jam seemed like a very modern touch. Putting together your own muffaletta might be better left to professionals.

frog legs

crispy frog legs


What do you mean you’ve never had frog legs before? It’s just like chicken! Or so I would tell people. It is just like chicken, perhaps just a bit uh… earthier. Just pretend that leg is quail. Oh… you’ve never had quail either? Well, it’s just like chicken then.

Pimm's Cup

Pimm’s Cup


The drinks menu at Preux & Proper features some NOLA classics like a Sazarac as well as other classic drinks. For a food friendly drink, try the Pimm’s.

Pimm’s Cup – Pimm’s, lemon, lime, cucumber, mint, simple syrup, ginger beer

lobster po boy

lobster p’o boy


If it’s New Orleans-style, there has to be po’ boys, right? You bet! I tried the lobster and fried oyster. I’m going to have to go with fried is best on this one. While the lobster one reminded me suspiciously of the East coast, I thought the oyster was more proper (har har!).

oyster po boys

fried oyster po’ boys


Just look at those oyster bad boys.

French 75

French 75


The good thing about sparkling drinks are they’re always appropriate any time in the meal. Try the French 75 before the meal or during… or even the end!

French 75– Bombay dry gin, lemon, simple syrup, Martini & Rossi prosecco


grilled beef short ribs


The grilled beef short ribs has a slight Asian tang to it with the “Cajun kimchi.” The ribs are even sliced in that very familiar Korean short ribs way (LA-style).


steam pot


The trifecta of andouille sausage, crab, shrimp come together in the steam pot. It can be your whole meal with potatoes, corn and bread. But if you’re into sharing, it’s a good sized plate to go around a table of 4-6.

Blackberry Honey Sour

Blackberry Honey Sour

Whiskey fans rejoice, there’s a thirst-quenching drink here for you. Get the Blackberry Honey Sour for our warm nights. There’s a nice patio at Preux and Proper and I imagine these are going to be popular (after a frozen daiquiri, of course).

Blackberry Honey Sour– Buffalo Trace, lemon, honey syrup, blackberries

roast chicken with okra fried rice

wood roast chicken with okra fried rice


Sometimes there’s nothing better than a simple roast chicken. I really liked the gumbo fried rice that was served with it.

Vieux Carre

Vieux Carre


I’m looking forward to live music nights at Preux and Proper with a Vieux Carre in hand.

Vieux Carre – JP Wiser rye, D’usse cognac, Martini & Rossi sweet vermouth, Benedictine, Angostura bitters


salted caramel popcorn


For those who want to eat popcorn for dinner, I got a thing just for you. The salted caramel popcorn seems kind of funny at first on the dessert menu but it brought a lot of smiles to the table.

banana bread pudding

banana bread pudding


We also tried all three baked desserts. I liked the dense banana bread pudding but my heart goes to…

chocolate cake

flourless chocolate cake


… flourless chocolate cake!

I thought flourless chocolate cake went out in the 90s but how can it ever when it’s this good?


Category 6

Category 6


To go with the fun frozen daiquiris, you might consider a Category 6, Preux & Proper’s Hurricane variation. Fair warning, it’s very sweet.

Category 6 – Midnight Moon strawberry moonshine, Bacardi Oakheart spiced rum, pineapple juice, orange juice, lime juice, passionfruit syrup, grenadine

pecan pie

pecan pie


Okay, chocolate cake. Make friends with the pecan pie because I like both of you very much. Who knew I had such a sweet tooth after all?

Preux & Proper

840 S Spring St., Los Angeles, CA 90014  —  (213) 896-0090

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