DTLA: Pasta at Maccheroni Republic

Bianco and Neri

Bianco and Neri


Macherroni Republic gets warm support from the Downtown Los Angeles community. DTLA residents and office workers alike flock to this slightly hidden gem located across the street from Grand Central Market. I’ve eyeball it every so often though I usually am not in the mood for pasta for lunch (hot noodle soups are another story). I was glad to be able to finally check it out for dinner recently.


black lentil soup

black lentil soup


I love lentil soup and was really happy with Macherroni Republic’s black lentil soup. Although I asked for a cup, I was given a bowl (and charged for a bowl) which I was okay with once I tasted it. It was complex and had layers of flavor. I did wish it was a little bit thicker and had more lentils but otherwise, I’d order this again… and probably in a bowl since it is that good.


bigoli della nonna


There were so many pastas to try that I thought it would be fun if they did a 3, 4 or 5 pastas sampler. Sure, I could go with more people and I try all their pastas but Maccherroni feels like an intimate place for couples or a pair of friends. Though there were plenty of big groups, some even boisterous Italians commanding one corner.

In the end my friend got the Bianco and Neri (white and black) pasta with shrimp and I opted for the Bigoli Della Nonna served with hand-chopped Angus steak and sausage ragout. It’s a dreamy meat sauce. The pasta itself was really big thick strands of Venetian spaghetti.

Perhaps when I do get a pasta craving for lunch, I’ll check it out for the patio. In the meantime, I am wondering what pasta I should order next? The linguine with clams or the lasagna?

Macherroni Republic

332 S Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90013  —  (213) 346-9725
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