DTLA: Ramen at Old School Orochon

miso, spice level #5

miso ramen, spice level #5


Old school ramenya, Orochon Ramen, is still plenty popular with long lines at night. It’s in the same plaza as Curry House, Mako SushiTangerine, Yakitori Koshiji and the new location of Kokekokko. The anchor grocery and book stores benefit from these restaurants. It’s too bad Tang didn’t survive as it’s nice to have some diversity.

Orochon also a good spot to stop by for lunch with its brief menu of 3 different kinds of ramen; shio (salt), miso and shoyu (soy sauce).

Orochon is known for its spicy challenge. So far I only go for spice level #5. Spice level #1 is called “extreme” while #7 is wimpy, non-spicy. Perhaps next time I can move up to spice level #4 since I don’t think #5 is spicy at all. If you manage to eat a bowl with spice level #1, they put your pic on the wall.

shu mai

shu mai


I love gyoza but at Orochon, they only have shu mai. These were pan fried well but still has a bit of that mushiness I associate with Japanese shu mai. I prefer the Chinese sort with bouncy shrimp to keep it interesting.

half order curry fried rice

half order curry fried rice


I have also tried the curry fried rice which is very filling and probably just a little bit much if you finish your bowl of ramen.

Usually I go to Koraku (aka Kouraku) in Little Tokyo for ramen but can’t help but try old and new spots all the time. It’s nice to have Orochon as an option.

Orochon Ramen

123 Astronaut E S Onizuka St., Ste 303, Los Angeles, CA 90012  —  (213) 617-1766
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