Venice: Jumping on the Poke Craze at Poke-Poke

Hawaiian style poke

Hawaiian style poke


Poke-Poke has been open about 4 years. Yet recently the poke craze in LA has the shop in the spotlight as if it’s a brand new thing. I clearly remember eating poke over 15 years ago but suddenly everyone in LA is opening a shop or adding it to their menus. As I was walking down the beach in Venice, I was lured towards it by my insane foodie must-have-it-right-now mouth. Or I just saw a bunch of people lining up and figured I should find out what they were ordering.

The menu under the big “surfer’s sashimi” sign is simple. Pick your size and style (rice or none), flavor and toppings. The two of us went large, no rice (which is Hawaiian style), Aloha flavor (sesame, chili flakes, shoyu, vinegar and sea salt) and added in pickled ginger (the kind you see at sushi spots), seaweed and avocado. All toppings are free except avocado. In retrospect, I probably would have liked to add in kale and masago.

The ahi tuna is fresh and in no time at all, we almost finished off the large container. I probably could have ate more but those chili flakes really sneak up on you. Maybe rice is a good thing in this case.

What poke place will my insatiable insane foodie mouth lead me to next?


1827 Ocean Front Walk, Venice, CA 90291  — (424) 228-5132
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