DTLA: dineLA Deal Alert for Ohana Poke Company

Big Poke, spam musubi and coconut water

Big Poke, spam musubi and coconut water


Downtown Los Angeles welcomes a new poke shop in town just in time for dineLA. Running until now through July 26, Ohana Poke Company is doing a $15 lunch featuring their big poke, an “extra” and a drink.

All pokes feature tuna except for the one with tofu. Yeah, I don’t know how that one could be called poke… but anyway. You choose your base of either white or brown heirloom sushi rice or olive oil kale. Then there are 5 pokes plus the tofu. I opted for the spicy tuna which I was happy to see was cubed tuna (as it should be!) instead of the scoop of smushed up spicy tuna I got the other day. Other poke include Ohana shoyu, sweet unagi (it’s tuna with unagi eel sauce), chili mango (which is gluten free) or shiso radish (also gluten free). The tofu is vegan and gluten free.

Then you can choose seaweed salad, kimchi cucumbers or ponzu crunchy noodles to add. If you want avocado, it’s an extra $1. All the bowls come with edamame, wasabi peas, masago and furikake.

I opted to get my poke with olive oil kale, kimchi cucumbers and I did add avocado. It came out fairly quickly. I also chose a spam musubi as my extra for dineLA. Other options include tofu musubi, chips or ice cream sandwich. Chips might be a good idea if you like scooping your poke to eat like nachos.

spam musubi

spam musubi


I loved the spam musubi! It was served with warm rice and was just so great. I liked the poke as well though I am leaning a bit towards to Poke Poke in Venice. Still, I haven’t tried all the new poke shops yet. Still calling for poke crawl participants!

Ohana took over the old Hero Shop space, taking out the beloved chalk art of all those Asian sauces and replacing it with artistic blue swirls. Otherwise, the shop looks the same. It was so familiar that a couple of guys who came in for Hero didn’t notice the difference until they looked at the menu. They decided to stay and eat anyway.

I would come down to Hero for a couple of banh mi to take to the Hollywood Bowl or a sandwich later in the day. I never did make it to their chicken and rice nights but always meant to. I wonder if they will bring that back or consider doing a weekly banh mi. How long is this poke craze going to last anyway? Well, the poke IS good. And I’m glad to have it as a DTLA lunch option. I will be back for that spam musubi in particular!


Ohana Poke Company

130 E 6th St., Los Angeles, CA 90014  —  (213) 265-7561

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