Hollywood: Green Papaya Salad Battle at Tid Lom and Sunshine Thai

green papaya salad

green papaya salad at Tid Lom


In my exploration of the Thai spots in the Hancock Park/ East Hollywood area, I recently hit up Tid Lom and Sunshine Thai restaurants. We ordered some standards like green papaya salad to start.

Tid Lom is a fairly large restaurant with karaoke some nights. They do a brisk delivery business which helps since they’re online and have an online ordering system.

Their green papaya was nicely crunchy and well flavored. I’d be tempted to try it with the salted crab next time.

chicken penang curry

chicken penang curry


We also tried the chicken penang curry. The chicken was tender enough with enough veggies. It’s fairly standard as far as penang goes. I’ve probably had some that are more silky (with additional coconut milk) but I preferred to think of this as a heartier curry.

Thai noodle soup

Moo Tom Yum at Tid Lom


I also got the Moo Tom Yum. I can’t resist noodle soups. This one was came with glass noodles, ground pork, fish balls, shrimp, ground peanuts and the usual cilantro, lime, bean sprouts and green onions. I was full after a few bites so we took the rest to go. There’s great value for your money here.

Tid Lom Thai Cuisine

4809 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90029  —  (323) 464-8885


green papaya salad at Sunshine Thai

green papaya salad at Sunshine Thai


The next week, we hopped over to Sunshine Thai. This restaurant was smaller but more homely. It felt very mom and pop. We had great service here.

The green papaya salad could have used a little bit more acidity that either a splash of fish sauce or a squeeze of lime would have fixed. Actually,  maybe even both.

Thai soup with noodles at Sunshine

soup with noodles at Sunshine Thai


I thought about getting their Hurricane soup which seemed really popular but opted for yen ta fo, a simple soup with shrimp, squid, fish balls and noodles. There were also big clumps of ground pork which was delicious.

Sorry, Vim, my money is on the Thai restaurants further east.

Sunshine Restaurant

861 N Western Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90029  —  (323) 462-4646
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