Melrose: Spicy Shrimp Saag at Anarkali Indian Restaurant

shrimp saag  and lamb bhuna

shrimp saag and lamb bhuna


Anarkali is one of those Indian restaurants I think I’ve gone before, thought was good and then forgot about because there are a ton of great Indian places in the city. And being an intrepid food explorer, I’m always up for going to some place new. However, when I recently went for dinner, I realized I hadn’t gone to Anarkali before. Otherwise I would have recognized its romantic decor. The booths are set into alcoves and it does feel a bit like being in a mini Taj Mahal.

I wanted to try the Royal Feast which included just about everything you want- entree, sides and bread. However the server said they were slammed only allowed us to get combos which didn’t include bread. It did come with rice though. I went with my favorite shrimp saag which turned out to be spicy as hell. I had requested medium spicy. Ah well, it was really good and I liked how fresh the spinach was.

My friend had the lamb bhuna which was one of their popular curries. The lamb was super tender and I thought about stealing another bite. We also ordered garlic and plain naan (bread) and Anarkali threw in parmasean naan.

Let’s see if the server lets me order the Royal Feast next time! He did promise!

Anarkali Indian Restaurant

7013 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90038  —  (323) 934-6488
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