DTLA: A New Lunch Option; Spread Mediterranean

braised short ribs over salad greens

braised short ribs over salad greens


Spread opened in what was supposed to be in the Tione’s space but that never opened. So think of it as taking over Dr. J’s Vibrant Cafe,  the short-lived vegan restaurant on Main Street.

I’m always looking for new lunch options for Downtown Los Angeles. The hunt for new DTLA lunch spots is an ongoing project of mine and I’m happy to have this quick and easy spot. During lunchtime, you order at the counter but sit-down service commences at 6 p.m.

Ordering lunch is in three easy steps. First you choose either flat bread, rice, hummus or salad greens. Then you have a choice of proteins; falafel, grilled chicken, all night braised short ribs, roasted mushrooms or lamb meatballs. And the last step is picking either the traditional (hummus, Israeli salad, picked red onion, tehina sauce), smooth and cool (tzatziki, quinoa tabouli, Bulgarian feta, pickled red onion, herb vinaigrette), savory and red (roasted tomato sauce, quina tabouli, touma cheese, pickled red onion, za’atar ranch dressing) or cheesy and spicy (feta lebneh and jalepeno spread, spicy slaw, pickled red onion, harissa spiked yogurt).

I decided on the short ribs over salad greens with traditional accompaniments.  I realized later I could have gone with the flat bread with either falafel or lamb meatballs with smooth and cool but I never really can decide what I really want when I try some place new and just blurted out that order.

It turned out it was still a good combination and I left rather full. I’m also intrigued by the roasted mushrooms which I’d get with rice and maybe with either savory and red or the cheesy and spicy.

I’ll have to come back for dinner to check out the entrees. The za’atar fried chicken is calling my name.


Spread Mediterranean Kitchen

334 S Main St., Los Angeles, CA 90013  —  (213) 537-0284

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