SGV: Eating Hot Pot at Jiouding


lamb, spam and.. throat?


I’ve been sick a lot lately this summer and all I want is soup. Despite being in the high 80s and often 90s, soup is my comfort food. And getting spicy hot pot sounded really great. I checked out Jiouding in Rosemead which can split your pot into 9 different sections so you can try 9 different broths. We kept it simple though and had it split into a mild broth and one spicy broth.

My friends are connoisseurs of Chinese hot pot. They insist the spam is necessary and wonderful after a dip in the spicy broth. I don’t mind spam but I started to wonder about the “meat” they called throat. This is a bit chewy and despite the barest glance at the boiling broth, it still was too rubbery for me.

I stuck with beef and lamb slices for the most part.

veggies and shrimp

veggies and shrimp


We also ordered shrimp and a ton of veggies. I love seaweed so we got a round of that as well as tofu.

split hot pot

split hot pot


Behold, the split hot pot. And when they come around to refill the broth, they use the biggest kettle I’ve ever seen. Maybe next time, we’ll venture into the 9-split pot but I was pretty happy with just the two.

Jiouding is on somewhat of a desserted stretch of San Gabriel Boulevard but I’ll come back. I’m sure I felt better because I cleared my sinuses on spicy broth!


Jiouding Hot Pot

2101 San Gabriel Blvd., Rosemead, CA 91770  — (626) 307-5671

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