Westlake: Fried Chicken at Crawford’s Bar

fried chicken combo

fried chicken combo


I recently checked out Crawford’s for their fried chicken. I was nearby and was looking for something to eat. My choices were street tacos, Tommy’s (where they hand you chili with your change) or fast food. Then I remembered reading about the fried chicken at Crawford’s and in a flash, we were there.

The $10 combo comes with two pieces of chicken and your choice of side. With our extremely drinkable lagers, we attacked our chicken. I like dark meat best and was rewarded with tender and juicy chicken. The chicken also manages to boast pretty crispy skin. I also chose coleslaw which I enjoyed. I hear the beans are the best though.

We were happily munching away as were almost every table in the place. It’s  a comfortable bar with a few booths and a pool table. Pretty soon our fried chicken heaven was filled to the brim. We finished up and gave up our corner of the red vinyl booth to the incoming horde. I said I’d come back and I will the next time I’m in Westlake.


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