Philly: Slurpin’ Noodles at Pho Nhan

oxtail pho

oxtail pho


I recently did a weekender in Philadelphia. One morning we woke and craved soup noodles. We did a quick search for pho and found Pho Nhan not too far away from our hotel. A quick ride over and we found ourselves in front of a homey shop with a couple of tables. We had heard it gets busy and sometimes they’ll even put out a table on the sidewalk. Luckily we were early enough that we didn’t have to share a table.

The friendly owner told us she had oxtail in that day. I would have normally gotten my usual combination pho (I just love all the offal bits) but felt I had to get the special of the day.

The broth was really good and I didn’t doctor it up at all, not that I ever do.

see all the oxtail?

foodstyling my bowl


After I added a few basil leaves and some beansprouts, I got to work. It takes patience to wiggle free the tender meat from the bones. I was astounded by the amount of oxtail once I really started working through my bowl.

housemade chili sauce

housemade chili sauce


I was encouraged to try the “very spicy” housemade chili sauce (pictured above with hoisin). The spice went well with the slightly sweet broth and tender meat.

This would surely be a regular spot if I lived in Philly.

Pho Nhan

1620 W Passyunk Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19145  —  (267) 357-7980
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