SGV: Dinner at Shaanxi Gourmet

lamb skewers

lamb skewers


During Christmas, I had a lot of Chinese food. But I made it a point to try more than just dim sum (though I had that too). Shaanxi Gourmet has been on my list for a while. They’ve been open for about two years now.

The food is Northern Chinese and comes from an area best known for terra cotta statues. There are a couple flanking the restaurant doors.


Chinese "burger" with beef

Chinese “burger” with beef


The two of us ordered quite a bit of food and we had plenty of leftovers. We started out with the Chinese “burger” which is essentially two pieces of flat bread stuffed with your choice of meat (beef or pork). We got beef since we had lamb skewers and seafood as well. This was pretty tasty though a bit salty for me.

The lamb skewers were great. They were a bit tough to get off the metal skewers initially but by the third one, I became a pro. Don’t be shy and use your fingers. Otherwise trying to push the meat off with your chopsticks seemed like an accident waiting to happen.

shrimp wontons

shrimp wontons


I loved that the shrimp wontons came in a lovely seaweed and egg strips soup. Plus there were tiny dried shrimp as well to give the broth even more flavor.




They were out of the vegetable I wanted but spinach is always a good alternative. I swear we got two bunches of spinach. This would feed at least 6 people.


spicy hand-pulled noodles


Although I generally don’t eat noodles at night (I think of it more as a lunch thing), I really wanted to try the spicy hand-pulled noodles. And I thought noodles were more of a signature of the restaurant over a rice dish. These were so long and we probably made a mess trying to serve ourselves. The noodles had a good bite and I liked the contrast of the simple steamed bean sprouts.

I need to come back with a big group to explore more of the menu. Now that I know where it is exactly, I can see myself trying more spots in Rosemead. It’s a couple blocks from 626 Lobster and is surrounded by lots of good restaurants. Rosemead crawl, anyone?

Shaanxi Gourmet

8518 E Valley Blvd., Rosemead, CA 91770  —  (626) 288-9886
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