DTLA: Lunch at Sakana Sushi Lounge

crispy tuna



I checked out Sakana Sushi Lounge a couple of weeks ago. I had walked by it a few times but couldn’t figure out if it was open yet but then I saw a photo on Instagram and knew I had to check it out. Sakana has some great lunch specials and we decided to both get the chirashi bowl and share the crispy tuna appetizer.

The crispy tuna was unlike any I had seen before. Usually it’s a glob of spicy tuna on crispy rice. But these were balls of spicy tuna rolled around in puffed rice. Then it’s served on a bed of rice chips. Great presentation.



The chirashi comes in two bowls that are stacked. The bottom half has the rice with a tiny bit of seaweed salad and other savories. Then the top bowl has a ton of delicious fresh raw fish. I even liked the tamago (egg sushi) which I normally think takes up stomach space and I should just get more sashimi/sushi.

I want to try the eggplant, soft shell crab and try the nigiri next time.

Sakana Sushi Lounge

321 W 9th St., Los Angeles, CA 90015  —  (213) 683-0001


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