Seattle: Brunch at Stateside

Maggi Mary (bloody mary) and brunch punch


For brunch one day in Seattle, we checked out Stateside, a modern take on Vietnamese food. The bright space is next door to a great bar, Foreign Domestic and just up the hill from one of my fave Seattle bars, Rumba.

We started out with the house bloody mary, the Maggi Mary, and the brunch punch (with mezcal!). The Maggi seasoning was fairly strong and those used to the pungent but familiar Worcester sauce might want to take a small first sip. But I dived right in and sat back for a good meal.

duck rolls

For an appetizer, I was thinking about the beef potstickers but my friend suggested the duck rolls. these were good though I could have used a little bit more crunch. Maybe a few bean sprouts wouldn’t hurt next time. At the same time, the rolls did have a ton of veggies so that was nice. And the duck itself was quite moist.


bun bo hue


We were keeping it light because we did actually have a few oysters and geoduck sashimi over at Taylor Shellfish, one of my other fave foodie things to do. We ordered the bun bo hue to share for our meal. It was so interesting three different people including the chef and our server came to talk to us about how to eat the bun bo hue. First you want to tear up some herbs for the soup. I did and also dumped in all the bean sprouts and squeezed the lime in right away– well, almost right away. I had to taste the soup first! I was expecting a fiery spicy dank broth. It was actually very refined.

I can see this spot being a favorite if I lived in Seattle and visited Cap Hill a lot. Because, Asian food + craft cocktails is a rare combo. And it shouldn’t be.


300 E Pike St., Ste 1200, Seattle, WA 98122  —  (206) 557-7273

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