Seattle: Lunch at Etta’s



It was our mission to eat as much seafood as possible in Seattle. After years of walking by Etta’s, I finally went in for lunch.

We shared some cider while looking out to the somewhat gloomy March day. Still, it was quite cheerful in the restaurant. Spring was coming.

fried green tomatoes


We started with the fried green tomatoes. A few years ago I really got into fried green tomatoes (it must be my past life as a Southerner– or something). I really liked the pepitas in this dish. It was a nice touch.

grilled cheese


My friend had the lunch special which included a grilled cheese and a cup of soup. She chose chowder. It looked great and I enjoyed my one bite.

Northwest seafood stew

I got the Northwest seafood stew which was amazing with all the varied seafood. Lots of clams, mussels and crab. Plus fish and shrimp. I liked the slightly Asian twist to this dish as well. It was a hearty lunch and the right amount of fuel before we hit Pike Place and the rest of Downtown Seattle.



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