Seattle: Sushi at Fuji

mega combo


One of my favorite things to do in Seattle is to get sushi. After many recommendations, we landed at Fuji Sushi which was on no one’s recommended list. We ended up there because all the popular spots had long waits and we were getting a little tired of walking around the International District.

We did have to wait but it wasn’t a terribly long wait. I observed a steady stream of delivery guys from the various online ordering companies picking up orders all night long. These were good signs, right?


sushi combo


Well, we did eat a lot of sushi but only because of a minor fiasco. We wanted one of the larger combos but ended up with a small combo of 7 pieces and a roll. The tuna was by far the best fish of the bunch. We explained later to our server we had actually wanted the larger combo.

And that’s how we ended up with the same pieces of fish but now multiplied by two. I was actually hoping for some unusual fish or at least different fish than the original combo we were given.

Meanwhile there was some drama brewing in the restaurant. A woman and her son were eating next to us and the woman kept getting up to yell at the sushi guys about her order. Or I should say, her take out order. She asked for the menus repeatedly and angrily ticked off sushi. Then she went over and stared them down until they started working on her order. This made some unpleasant times so we asked to be moved to another table. Unfortunately I could still see what was going on. I felt really sorry for the entire restaurant as this woman harangued every single worker in the restaurant. Which also made us even more worried when we tried to get our correct order.

geoduck appetizer


By the way, the geoduck appetizer is delicious. I highly recommend it.

Eventually our bill was adjusted and we left hoping to never run into that awful diner again.

My recommendation is to go and enjoy yourself here because it does have a typical Japanese restaurant vibe and it seems all the cooked entrees are solid. Plus, the tuna sushi was a winner.

Fuji Sushi

520 S Main St.,  Seattle, WA 98104  —  (206) 624-1201

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