Seattle: Dinner at No Anchor

Oyster Wishes and Caviar Dreams


One of my favorite bars in Seattle is Rob Roy so how can I not visit their newish sister bar, No Anchor? Although it’s known primarily for craft beer, they do have cocktails on the menu as well as food!

My friend started with the dry martini; the very luxurious Oyster Wishes and Caviar Dreams. I had a beer (we were heading to Whisky Jewbilee after and I didn’t want to drink too much hard spirits before hand).



I love olives and whenever I see Castelvetrano olives, I have to order them. It was such a pretty plate with fried garlic and edible flowers.


smoked and pickled mussels


In our quest for seafood, we came across the smoked and pickled mussels. These were amazingly plump and well seasoned. If you see this dish, get ’em.


beetroot plemeni


We also had the beetroot plemeni with fresh cheese. It was such a colorful and great vegetarian dish.


Dungeness crab  roll


We split the Dungeness crab roll. The petite seafood roll was just enough to tide us over until our late night feast after the whisky fest. I just love getting all the seafood in Seattle. Fresh seafood definitely makes a world of difference. I also loved that it was served with housemade ketchup chips.

The next time I’m up in Seattle, I will visit Navy Strength, the tiki bar from the brilliant Rob Roy and now No Anchor teams!

No Anchor Bar

2505 2nd Ave., Ste 105, Seattle, WA 98121  —  (206) 448-2610

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