Seattle: Dinner at Joule

Cocktails at Joule


One night in Seattle, we went to Joule in the Wallingford neighborhood. It was worth the trek from downtown Seattle to check out this great restaurant.

One of the drinks I tried was the Zugunruhe which is a German word for the anxious behavior of birds during migration. I was told the bartender really just loved the sound of the word. There’s a German word for everything! I got the drink though because it features one of my favorite amari, Meletti and one of my fave bitters, hopped grapefruit. I’d like to try to recreate this drink in the future.

Zugunruhe– gin, Amaro Meletti, yuzu, hopped grapefruit bitters

yellow curry pickled beets


For a starter, we tried the yellow curry pickled beets. The beets were very crunchy which I liked because you could tell there were very fresh.

salad – spring peas, matcha yogurt, pickled hibiscus


We got the salad which sounded so interesting because of the pickled hibiscus. We did get soybeans however. The menu stated they’d be spring peas and we had a funny conversation with our cheerful server about if these were really spring peas or soybeans.




The came the gorgeous hunk of meat. We ordered the ribeye. The steak was the ideal medium rare and topped with peanuts. Joule has a number of steaks of the menu leading us to believe that’s what they’re known for. They do have other stuff but why bother when the menu header says, “other than steak.”



sunchoke with Chinese sausage and cilantro pesto and apple


I could have gone with any of the interesting veggie dishes but we chose the sunchokes. It came with a cilantro pesto, apples and Chinese sausage.

geoduck fried rice


One of my favorite things (after noodles) is fried rice. I so very rarely order it out though but I had to make an exception for geoduck fried rice. We were eating our weight in seafood in Seattle and I just love, love, love geoduck. This was amazing and probably my favorite dish of the night.



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